ISBN_13 : 9780312517366
Page : 20 board pages
Cover : Hard Cover
Publisher : Priddy Books
Author :
Weight : 500 grams
Dimension : 23.3 x 2 x 21 cm
Deskripsi : Apa sih yang bisa kita buat dari cap jari tangan kita???
Dibuku ini cap jari tangan bisa menjadi gambar hewan-hewan lucu loh 🙂
Seperti : bunglon, kura-kura, siput, ulat, domba, ladybugs, flamingos dan masih banyak lagi.
Dibagian atas halamannya terdapat tab angka yang menunjukkan jumlah hewan disetiap halamannya 🙂
Description : Finger and thumb prints are turned into an array of animals through the addition of simple illustration and photographs in this innovative 123 book, which has been designed to develop children’s counting and number recognition skills. The imaginative, rhythmic text is fun to read and listen to, and the individual ridges on all of the finger and thumb prints are embossed, adding a tactile, interactive element.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 23.3 x 2 x 21 cm


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