ISBN_13 : 9781935800163
Page : 80 Pages
Cover : Soft Cover
Publisher : Kumon Publishing North America, Inc.
Author :
Weight : 320grams
Dimension : 21.5x28cm
Deskripsi : Banyak banget latihan coloring di buku ini. Yuk ajarin mereka menggunakan crayons dan pensil warna supaya mereka terbiasa saat di sekolah nanti.Β Mewarnai jadi fun saat mereka sudah terbiasa.Β Buku bagus untuk mendukung kecepatan berpikir, logika, dan ketelitian. Good book. Definitely recommended! International Standard Book. πŸ™‚
Description : This book will help your child become familiar with crayons as they complete coloring activities. Using crayons is a precursor to learning to write with a pencil so your child will not only have fun but be prepared for school. Ages 4 and up.

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