ISBN_13 : 9780794417765
Page : 14 board pages
Cover : Hard Cover
Publisher : Reader’s Digest
Author :
Weight : 350 g
Dimension : 17.81.55×23.5cm
Deskripsi : Banyak sekali baju dan aksesoris Barbie yang bisa anak mix and match di buku ini. Selain itu, anak juga bisa menggabung2kan kalimat cerita di buku ini sesuai dengan baju dan background yang diinginkan. Seru kan?
Description : The popular mix and match format is ideal for mixing and matching countless outfits and looks for Barbie. The new illustrated art style makes Barbie fresh, modern, and consistent with the latest Barbie product. Filled with images of Barbie doing what she does best–modeling lots of different clothes– this book is sure to be a hit with fashion-forward girls. Readers will enjoy the light whimsical text and will love to flip the pages to create an endless number of Barbie outfits. With three interchangeable tabs per page, readers can make Barbie look picture-perfect, stylishly askew, or outrageously silly, too! But each fun look features the new illustrated style of Barbie, so everything about this addition to the line of successful Mix & Match titles is the latest and greatest in all things Barbie.

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