ISBN_13 : 9780794428280
Page : 24 pages
Cover : Hard Cover
Publisher : Reader’s Digest
Author :
Weight : 375g
Dimension : 19.8 x 1.8 x 22.5 cm
Deskripsi : Halo! Kalian telah diundang untuk pergi ke pesta pita Minnie Mouse! Ada Mickey, Donald dan Desi, Goofy dan teman2 lainnya yang hadir.

Banyak kejadian seru loh saat pesta yang tidak mau kalian lewatkan dan ada banyak macam2 bow unik yang mereka pakai. Yuk, pakai Minnie Bow dan baca cerita serunyaa!

Description : You’re invited to Minnies Big Bow Party! Mickey and the gang will all be there to celebrate. Minnie made a special bow for all of her friends and that means she made one for you! Wear your special bow as you read along and join in on the fun. Its big bow party time!

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