ISBN_13 : 9781741841381
Page : 128  pages
Cover : Soft Cover with backboard
Publisher : Hinkler Books Pty Ltd
Author :
Weight : 600g
Dimension : 27.6 x 20.6 cm
Deskripsi : Ada banyaaaakk banget word puzzle di buku ini yang bisa dimainkan anak: sudoku, number maze, search and find, spot differences, crossword puzzle, word scramble, dan banyak lagi! Anak akan suka buku ini karena selain bermain mereka juga bisa belajar matematika, konsentrasi, vocab, dan bahasa.  Bagus banget! 🙂
Description :  From word searches to crossword puzzles to word scrambles and more, kids of all ages can join in on the excitement for some family fun time. Each fun filled tear away activity page includes the answer on the back.


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Weight 600 kg


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