ISBN_13 : 9781783441860
Page : 33 pages (kertas glossy)
Cover : Soft Cover
Publisher : HarperCollin’s Books
Author :
Weight : 500 grams
Dimension : 27 x 0.5 x 23 cm
Deskripsi : Buku ini untuk pengenalan bentuk dangan cara yang fun.Pengenalan bentuk mulai dari benda-benda di sekitar seperti kancing baju, bentuk roti, potongan pie dan masih banyak lagi.
Description : Moose loves shapes! Circles! Squares! Triangles! Hooray! So when Moose mysteriously finds himself in a shape book (oh, please don’t ask) he is the very picture of a happy Moose. Life is great! Until, well, until he wrecks everything. Now, don’t you worry! Zebra will handle it. Zebra always fixes Moose’s messes…Praise for Z is for Moose: “Hilarious mayhem!” (Julia Eccleshare, Guardian).


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