ISBN_13 : 9782764324066
Page : 12 board pages
Cover : Hard Cover
Publisher : Phidal Canada
Author :
Weight : 1kg
Dimension : Uk. Buku 20 x 25 cm – Uk playmat 54.5×38.5cm – Uk. Puzzle Block 11 x 9 cm
Deskripsi : Di buku ini ada 2 character block puzzle (Minnie dan Daisy). 1 block teridiri dari 4 bagian. Sambil membaca cerita, anak bisa memainkan block puzzlenya di playmat. Di sini puzzlenya sederhana cocok untuk anak umur 1+. Sambil membaca, anak bisa belajar mencocokkan bagian2 benda.
Description : Book & Blocks offer a fun, illustrated story, two block puzzle characters and a playmat. Assemble the characters as you follow along with the story and then use the characters and playmat to create your very own adventures!

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Weight 1 kg


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