ISBN_13 : 9781846866647
Page : 26 pages+CD
Cover : Cover carton tebal
Publisher : Barefoot Books
Author :
Weight : 250 grams
Dimension : 25.7 x 0.5 x 24.7 cm
Deskripsi : Bukunya berisi lirik lagu The Wheels on the Bus. Disertai dengan ilustrasi gambar yang colourful dan cute:)

Ada CD nya juga loh. CD nya tidak hanya audio saja, namun juga ada video animasinya.

Jadi kita bisa mengikuti lagu ini dengan lirik yang sudah ada di buku. Seru banget kan!!:)

Description : Young readers will enjoy this simple story about one day in the life of a farmer. Told in first person, the farmer describes the animals that ride in his trailer as he drives his tractor. Each verse is repeated with a different animal, and the number of animals increases in counting book form. The repetitive nature of the story makes this book a great read-aloud, calling on listeners to predict the upcoming words. Sim’s illustrations are in acrylics and pastels, and they resemble primitive Americana paintings, appropriate to the theme of the story. The font type is fun and informal, with lines of text flowing around the illustrations. Included with this book is a CD containing a sing-along of the story, as well as an instrumental only version so readers can sing the song for themselves. The melody line of the song is also provided in sheet music form at the end of the book. For further education on farm life, the book contains colorful two-page spreads on the types of machines used on a typical farm and the kinds of crops that many farms grow.

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