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ISBN_13 : 9781845316099
Page : 128 pages
Cover : Soft Cover Spiral Book
Publisher : Autumn Publishing UK
Author :
Weight : 1kg
Dimension : 22 x 28.5cm
Deskripsi : Buku tebal ini berisi banyak sekali latihan phonics, first letters, plural endings, spelling games, writing, punctuation, reading, handwriting, dan word fun. Dengan latihan ini, diharapkan anak dapat mengenal bahasa Inggris lebih percaya diri.
Description : Help with Homework has been compiled to give your child confidence during his or her first years at school. This easy to use, 128 page spiral bound book contains hundreds of key learning activities. Each page provides opportunities fo a child to learn and for repeated pracitce of key skills. Parents should guide a child’s learning but Help with Homework can be used by a child working independently.

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Weight 1 kg


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