ISBN_13 : 9781760069780
Page : 10 pages
Cover : Hard Cover
Publisher : Five Mile Press Pty Ltd
Author :
Weight : 275 grams
Dimension : 18.7 x 1.2 x 18.7cm
Deskripsi : Buku yang bagus sekali untuk dibaca anak agar mengerti pentingnya mengucapkan kata Excuse Me/ permisi kepada orang lain.Halamannya tebal, tidak mudah sobek dan ilustrasinya colourful, menarik sekali untuk dibaca oleh si kecil.

Buku ini mengajarkan anak sopan santun sejak dini, mengucapkan Excuse Me/ permisi kepada orang lain yang merupakan wujud tata krama dan rasa hormat.

Description : In this series, Cheeky Monkey learns about manners -how to say excuse me. It takes a village to raise a monkey, and the jungle animals certainly all play their part in helping this fun little character learn about life. Colourful illustrations engage the reader in the story. A fun way to discuss manners – what they are and when to use them. Lisa Kerr is a Melbourne-based illustrator, working from her Beaconsfield studio. She has a background in photography and a passion for drawing. Lisa’s picture books capture the imaginations of children of all ages. Lisa is the creator of the Cheeky Monkey series.

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Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 18.7 x 1.2 x 18.7 cm


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