ISBN_13 : 9780794430054
Page : 10 board pages
Cover : Hard Cover
Publisher : Reader’s Digest Children’s Books
Author :
Weight : 400 grams
Dimension : 19.2x 0.8 x 24.2cm
Deskripsi : Ayo bantu Doc menebak siapa dibalik flaps. Kira-kira siapa yang ada dibalik flaps ya?

Buku ini dilengkapi dengan ilustrasi bergambar yang menarik. Buka flaps nya dan tebak siapa dia!!! Seru kan??

Description : Doc McStuffins is always on call to help out any toy that is feeling under the weather. In this book, kids meet all of Doc’s closest friends: Chilly the snowman, Lambie the lamb, Hallie the hippo, and Stuffy the dragon. As they read, kids will love guessing which stuffed friend is hiding under each of the five flaps in this adorable book.

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