ISBN_13 : 9781743529324
Page : 33 magnets and 2 scene
Cover : Tin Box
Publisher : Hinkler Books Pty Ltd
Author :
Weight : 350 grams
Dimension : 15.8 x 2 x 21.8 cm
Deskripsi : 1 box berisi 33 Magnets dan 2 scene. Di bagian dalam boxnya bergambar background Andy’s Bedroom. Bisa juga taruh scene nya diatas untuk mengganti suasana.Tempel-tempelkan magnet pieces nya di tin box nya atau di scene nya dan buat cerita seru mu dengan karakter Toy Story yang keren 😉

Selesai main taruh semua magnetic pieces dan scene nya di dalam tin box nya. Sangat praktis;)

Description : Have hours of fun with Disney Pixar Toy Story Magnetic Fun! This great tin contains 33 colourful Toy Story magnets and an awesome scene of Andy’s bedroom printed on the inside of tin! The tin, when open, lies flat so it’s easy to play with the characters inside or on any metal surface, then store them in the tin for easy clean-up. With great embossing on the front of the tin, these magnets are a sure-fire winner with any Toy Story fan! Great for home or travel!


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