ISBN_13 : 9781785985089
Page : 26 board pages
Cover : Hard Cover
Publisher : Make Believe Ideas, Ltd UK
Author :
Weight : 650 grams
Dimension : 22.5 x 2 x 27 cm
Deskripsi : Buku pengenalan numbers & counting yang super keren!!
Ajak anak mengenal numbers & counting dari 1 sampai 10 disertai dengan pengenalan banyak first words dan activity look and find & counting yg super fun!
Uniknya, halaman sebelah kanannya berbentuk seperti angka nya (halaman berbentuk angka 1, angka 2, dst sampai angka 10) jadi anak bisa menelusuri figure angka tersebut dengan jari-jari nya.
Description : Clear labels and fun sentences accompany Dawn Machell’s cute illustrations, making this book perfect for adults and children to enjoy together. Each number is presented with a die-cut page in the shape of that number, so children can explore the figures with their hands!

Additional information

Weight 0.65 kg
Dimensions 22.5 x 2 x 27 cm


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