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ISBN_13 : 9781782357438
Page : 8 pages (dari kain)
Cover : Cover (bulu pendek halus), Halaman (kain)
Publisher : Make Believe Ideas, Ltd UK
Author :
Weight : 300 grams
Dimension : 18 x 18cm
Deskripsi : Softbook pink, empukkk deh buat si kecil. Gambarnya juga lucu2, kata2nya simple. Recommended deh untuk baby. 😀
Description : A bright and fun cloth purse from the best-selling My Pretty Pink series!

My Pretty Pink Cloth Purse is a fantastic soft and squeezable bag for little ones who love everything pink! With cute illustrations and simple, rhyming text, children will love holding and exploring this book. With simple, fun content, it is easy for adults to share and engage with their children.

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