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ISBN_13 : 9781743466162
Page : 10 board pages (halaman tebal)
Cover : Hard Cover
Publisher : The Five Mile Press Pty Ltd
Author :
Weight : 800 g
Dimension : Uk. Buku : 17 x 2.7 x 21 cm, Uk. Playmat : 51 x 0.35 x 63 cm
Deskripsi : Berisi cerita tentang activity para pemotor saat mengunjungi banyak tempat.
Uniknya, di sebelah kanan buku terdapat 7 halaman board (bahan board sangat tebal keras, kualitas sangat bagus) yang bisa dibuka menjadi playmap bergambar tempat-tempat yang akan dikunjungi biker (ukuran playmap: 51x63cm) dimana anak bisa memainkan mainan motor yang ada pengendaranya di atas playmap nya sambil membuat cerita sendiri.
Seru, fun dan educative banget! 😉
Description : My Touring Motorbike Book and Track contains a book, a wind-up vehicle and a track all in one easy-to-carry package. Read all about the racing track – the starting line, the pit stop and the emergency vehicles on standby, and play with your very own racing motorbike on the track! Or take a tour around the world on your very own touring motorbike – but watch out for danger!

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Dimensions 17 x 2.7 x 21 cm


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