ISBN_13 : 9781743466131
Page : 16 Board Pages
Cover : Hard Cover
Publisher : Brimax Publishing Australia
Author :
Weight : 250g
Dimension : 12.6 x 18.5 x 1.1 cm
Deskripsi : “Paul was a police car. His job was to keep everyone safe”.

Yuk berpetualang bersama dengan Paul si mobil polisi. Dengan sirene barunya, Paul sangat senang untuk memulai harinya.

Buku ini dilengkapi dengan tombol apabila ditekan keluar bunyi sirene mobil polisi. Baterai sudah termasuk di dalamnya dan mudah diganti apabila habis.

Description : Sound the siren, hop on board, it’s Emergency Vehicles to the rescue! This delightful board book includes a police siren sound button that children can press as they read the book. Printed on sturdy board, these little books are perfect for young readers who will delight in the unique and imaginative illustrations


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