ISBN_13 : 9780794432799
Page : 32 Pages
Cover : Hard Cover
Publisher : Reader’s Digest
Author :
Weight : 450g
Dimension : 18.3×0.78x26cm
Deskripsi : Buku ini berisi fill-in storybook, wipe-off manners chart & stickers.

Pertama, baca cerita buku ini, lalu anak dapat mengisi halaman tentang dirinya di bagian fill-in the blank. Dan terakhir, parents dapat menggunakan manners chart & sticker untuk mengevaluasi tingkah laku anak.

Setiap kali anak berhasil mengerjakan sesuatu, dia dapat meletakkan sticker pada hari di chart. Parents juga dapat menentukan berapa banyak sticker yang anak bisa dapatkan setiap minggunya.

Buku ini bagus sekali untuk mengajarkan good manners dengan contoh karakter Sofia The First. 🙂

Description : Discover along with Sofia the First as she realizes that good manners are the start to becoming a perfect princess. After reading her story, you can then record your good manners! There are tips on nice things to do for others and a chart to keep track on how well you are behaving!

Anyone can be a princess. All it takes is good manners, kindness, sharing and a warm smile! Now, for the first time, the most wonderful princess of all, Sofia the First, shows you how to become the prefect princess in your kingdom! Read all about princess training and track how often you use your manners on the included write on/wipe off chart.

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