ISBN_13 : 9780764166488
Page : 8 board pages
Cover : Hard Cover
Publisher : Barron’s Educational
Author :
Weight : 500 grams
Dimension : 21 x 1 x 17 cm
Deskripsi : Buku nya bercerita tentang Pedro dan teman-teman bajak lautnya yang sudah menemukan peta harta karun.

Di bagian cover anak-anak dapat menarik layar kapal untuk mengetahui Pedro dan peta harta karunnya.

Setiap halamannya terdapat lubang-lubang yang bisa digunakan untuk melihat halaman selanjutnya 🙂

Description : This interactive board book, from Barron’s new Theater Books series, is all about drama! In Pedro and the Pirate Puzzle, Pedro and his pirate friends have discovered a treasure map! Young readers can pull the tab to draw back the ship’s sails and go on a treasure hunt. Each page features a cutout, so Pedro can always be seen. As pages are turned, he becomes a part of each illustration so he’s always at the very centre of the adventure!

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 21 x 1 x 17 cm


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